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Illustrations by Olga Cuttell

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Love and the shapeless Moons

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  Those anxious white eyes, they’re like a city that steals your heart with the very first step, of stone and marble, all vacant save for the ocean and the sun where the crashing of the waves against your hardened soul sounds like a song you sung a long time ago.
  Like the swirls of your hair, that cascade to your shoulders so naturally, as if you’re a landscape from those dust covered fantasy books.
  But your skin, which I never touched, pulls me yet, as if underneath it, really is the city your eyes thoroughly hide, of stone and marble, where darkness shines the most and chapels still breathe the poems you once wrote, their angels ever stonily gaze, at the blood soaked sewers they led to.
  In and out of yourself, you are a grimoire that can’t be read.


I shot these at Old Tunnel State Park near Fredericksburg, TX. This is the smallest State Park,  acquired in 1991 for the express purpose of managing and protecting a Mexican Freetail Bat population of 2-3 million bats. I have visited other bat emergence sights in the state but this, for me, was the most impressive.  The emergence lasts about 18-20 minutes. They have a bleacher set up right beside the gully where the bats emerge and they are literally within arms reach as they come out of the abandoned railroad tunnel.  You can feel the air move from the beating of their wings and I now know what bats smell like. :) A most awesome experience…. For the not so adventurous, there are other viewing areas behind and above the action, still good views.